Planning & Drafting – An Interview with Derek Prior
12th May 2016
Character Development & Magic Systems with Ben Galley
10th June 2016

Shortlist for 2016 Announced

Firstly we’d like to thank everybody that submitted to Remastered Words for 2016. For our first year we’ve had some great entries and this will hopefully be the start of something new and exciting. To those of you that don’t see your names mentioned below then please don’t feel disheartened, keep writing and perfecting your craft and we hope to hear from you again in the future.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here is the shortlist for our first ever audio anthology!

The Weight on your Shoulder by Liz Xifaras

Unsung by Pardeep Aujla

A God’s Mercy by Richard Webb

Seasons of Change by Robin Chacey

Milk Teeth and Chocolate Eggs by Kevlin Henney

Massive congratulations to those of you that have made it through to the next stage. Your stories have now been forwarded on to our judges who have the difficult job of deciding upon their favourites. These people are obviously very busy but we hope to have received their responses by August 2016 so that we can announce the three winners and begin the next process of editing and recording. If you haven’t already read our interviews with this year’s voiceover artists then now’s your chance and you can find the links to them here.

Make sure you don’t miss the winners announcement and check out our Write Advice series for some great tips on the writing process. Please continue to spread the word about Remastered Words and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.