Interview with Stephanie Hutton
26th November 2017

Listen to The Dream-Taker’s Apprentice

This is your chance to get exclusive early access to our short story, ‘The Dream-Taker’s Apprentice’ by Mark Lawrence performed by Joshua Young. This story was first published in the Fantasy Faction anthology that was released in 2015.

The tale follows Emptor and his apprentice, Ham, who travel the lands in search of dreams for their employer. Each dream is paid for with a gold coin and then carried through a magical doorway at night where they empty the collected dreams into a mysterious pool before leaving the strange world for their travels to continue. During the journey Ham learns that they are not alone in their task when they meet with Ikol on the road who has something of Ham’s from his past.

This is an excellent story that shows off the talent of Mark Lawrence and entices us into a mysterious Norse world that is both magical and captivating. Below are some reviews that have been taken from Goodreads regarding the tale.


“Mark Lawrence writes a self-contained tale with a Viking feel to it and a twisted perspective with an ending that’s uplifting and near perfection. One of my favourite author’s delivers again.” – review taken from Goodreads.

“This is written with an easy and deliberate hand, with a satisfying ending. It’s really quite lovely!” – review taken from Goodreads.

Listen to The Dream-Taker’s Apprentice now…