Short Stories – An Interview with Mark Lawrence
19th January 2018

Submissions for 2018 are now open!

We’re pleased to announce that the submission period for 2018 is now open! All submissions are FREE and we will be accepting your work up until the end of April 2018. Again the only stipulation is that the stories must be written within the fantasy genre and subgenres. Not only do we encourage you to write something new but we also want to see those trunk stories that have never been published. Every author has a collection of short stories that hasn’t seen the light of day or that were written for specific markets and weren’t selected. Well, we want to see them because there is sure to be some gems out there. For full details on entering the competition please see our submissions page.

This year brings yet another incredible lineup of judges that have offered up their precious time to read our shortlisted stories. To find our some more about them go to our judges page and take a look at their backgrounds in the creative writing world.

Here are some more useful links that you may find helpful:

  • Take a look at the great prizes and rewards we have up for grabs.
  • Meet our winners from 2017 and learn some more about their writing journies.
  • Check out the voiceover artists that we have lined up and listen to their samples.
  • Find out some more about the art of short story writing from some of the best.
  • Listen to the full production of one of our stories by Mark Lawrence that was released in the 2017 audio anthology.

And that’s not all, we’ll have some more news soon on the excellent short story that your work could potentially appear alongside in this year’s audio anthology, but until then impress us with your creative genius and we’ll amaze you with our audio production!