Remastered Words is a new organisation that is creating professional audio dramatisations of short story submissions. There is only one thing better than a great story and that is a great story read by a captivating voice. There are plenty of incredible short story markets out there but Remastered Words is one of the first that offers to turn your original, unpublished work, into an audio masterpiece. The world of audiobooks is yet another market where you can have your creative voice heard. It is constantly growing and becoming increasingly popular alongside more traditional routes for authors. So why not delve around in your archives for one of your favourite pieces or even write something fresh and new? Submit your work to us and be in with a chance to see it created into a piece of audio art!




Daniel Beazley is the founder of Remastered Words. Daniel is an author himself and has had some success in the short story market as well as being signed by a small press in 2015. Having recently planned an audio-short project, he is fully aware of what is required to make a short story into an audio masterpiece.

The Remastered Words competition is completely new and will hopefully grow to become a well-known and a familiar part of the writing competition scenary. It is very exciting and yet another opportunity for budding authors to have their work heard – quite literally!